DIY Dollar Store Fall Decor | Pressed Leaf Art


It's time to start busting out some Fall decor, and it seems like there is not better place (other than the pumpkin patch), than the Dollar Store to hunt for DIY Fall decor inspiration. I pretty much never ever like the Dollar Store decor as is. It's just got that cheapo vibe that's not lovable. However, that doesn't mean Dollar Store decor can't be upcycled into something you actually want to display in your home. Find out how I spent $5.00 on Dollar Store frames and created my favorite piece of Fall decor.


You will need to get two Dollar Store frames for each piece of leaf art you want to make. We will be using one frame and two glass pieces for each pressed leaf art frame. You can throw away or keep the left over frame, whatever you like.


I also had a cool thrifted wooden frame I wanted to use, so I grabbed a Dollar Store frame of the same size to snag the glass out of.


Remove all of the glass from the frames and paint ONE of each size. You might notice I forgot I only needed one frame of each, and went a little crazy with the chalk paint. Choose whatever color and finish you like for the frames.


I used an iron pressing method to press my leaves. Using two pieces of paper, sandwich a leaf in between, and iron. My iron was set to medium high heat, and it took less than a minute to dry each leaf. Just make sure to keep the iron moving. I also like to flip the leaf every few seconds. The leaf is done when it is dry and papery.


Lay one piece of glass down in your frame. Then arrange your dry leaves, and cover with a second piece of glass. Bend the frame pins down over the glass, but be sure not to be too aggressive so you don't accidentally crack you glass. You may need to put a dab of glue on the back of some leaves if you have leaves with large stems keeping the glass from sandwiching tightly.

Then you're all done and can display your super simple Dollar Store Fall decor art.

I made my frames to be shelf decor, but you can add a chain to the back with some hot glue, and hang them on the wall.


If you can't be bothered with dollar store projects, you can find really cool pressed plant display frames online.


I wish you all the cozy Fall vibes!











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