23 Jaw-Dropping Decorating Techniques You've Never Seen Before

We didn't even know you could do half of these things!!


Make a lace design on wood pieces with icing

Use furniture icing and a piece of lace to make your wooden pieces look designer in a flash.



Fold & dye fabric for shibori-style makeovers

Give your boring picnic blanket a bright new look with this dip-dye hack.



Hammer flowers on napkins for fun decor

Looking for a matching linen set on the cheap? Pound flowers into fabric with a hammer for a bright pattern!



Turn styrofoam cups into funky flower vases

Wrap rubber bands around styrofoam cups to twist them into fun and funky shapes.



Use duct tape to create staining stencils

Cut a pattern with your duct tape to make sure your staining a pristine design into your wood piece.



Roll book pages into intricate wall art

If you’ve got old books lying around, roll them into flowers & spirals for this wall decor idea.


Make wood look like aged metal with paint

Try this spray painting trick to magically transform your wooden furniture into gorgeous aged metal.


Give your blank walls a watercolor makeover

Drip a collage of paint colors down your wall to create this unique and eye-catching design.


Glue them into a trinket bowl

Use a balloon for the bowl shape and let it dry before you pop it.


Pin them into little green Christmas trees

These things are so adorable! Who wouldn’t want to have them in their home?


Use them to glam up your throw pillow

Those buttons look adorable on this fall-themed pillow.


String them into a beautiful lamp shade

This is so boho chic, and we love how it looks.


Or use them to upgrade your plain drum shade

Those buttons are the cutest touch to this light.


Stick them on canvas to create pretty art

And it’s a great project to do with your kids?


Turn them into an adorable framed elephant

These elephants are - dare we say it? - cute as a button!


Glue them into adorable button bookmarks

All you need is some colorful paper clips and some buttons.


Pin them for a luxurious tufted cushion

This ottoman got a whole new makeover with a tufted cushion.


Style them to create pretty canvas art

Use buttons to stencil your favorite flower.


Turn them into small tree ornaments

These are perfect for that simple and cute Christmas gift.


Or spice up your plain and boring ornaments

If you know someone who loves buttons, this is the ornament for them.



Put them on your cards

Already have a gift? Then use buttons to make the perfect card.


Glue them onto a pretty pumpkin

We know it’s the winter, but who wants to say goodbye to fall?


Frame them as a Christmas tree

This is so cute, we’re going to hang this on our wall.







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