#1- Too Small of a Rug

I am sorry, but getting the 5×7 when none of your furniture is on any part of the rug is going to make your home look cheap. Majority of the time in a family room you need a 8×10 rug. 5×7 rugs are generally for small bedrooms. You want the front of your sofa legs to be ON the rug and if chairs are facing the sofa you want the front of the chairs legs to be on the rug too. It is best to save up for the larger rug then to just get the 5×7 because it is what you can afford. 



#2- Basic Light Fixtures

Just simply upgrading a standard light fixture will elevate your home. Or adding a chandelier above your table will complete the space! Just make sure it is the right size. Going too small on a light fixture, this will actually be more distracting than going slightly oversized! We recently added THIS gold light fixture from Walmart above our sink and it instantly upgraded the look of our basic light fixture. And this light fixture to my friends entry, replaced her fixture that was way too small for her space, instantly upgraded her entry and lights for not a lot of money.


#3- Matching Furniture Sets

Maybe you bought the china hutch and dining table for your dining room. Well you can make it have more personality just by painting the hutch! Or take the top of the hutch off and use the base. Get creative with what you have. On a recent bedroom makeover I did for my friends, who had a complete matching bedroom set, we changed the headboard. It was a simple change that really made the bedroom look more custom! 


#4- No Real Plants

Alright don’t get offended by this. I too once had faux plants. I used to work in a high-end design store and we sold very nice faux plants and flower stems. They looked so real and I had them ALL over my home. But now that all I own is real, there is a HUGE difference in the way my home looks and feels. No matter how much that faux plant costs, it is still not real. I DARE you to try a snake plant or a ZZ plant! I promise you can become a plant mamma. Just don’t over-water, follow watering schedule. Find where the plant is happiest according to the light in your home.


#5- Generic Art and Hung too High

I am a firm believer that you should carefully select what you hang on your wall. You art should represent something in your life. A passion or a memory. If you just run to the store and buy a bunch of art because you need to fill your walls, I guarantee you will get bored with it quickly. The reason I think this makes your home look “cheap” is because it isn’t authentic to you. You could find a piece of art at Home Goods that you LOVE, but only get it for that reason, not just because you need something to hang and “it works”. Also you want your art to be hung eye level- it will make your home feel cozy. There are a lot of places to find art.


#6- Unorganized Entry

If you have a messy entry it will make your home look cheap. No matter how much your home costs or how fancy the rug is. If you do not have a place for guests to hang their coat, put their bag or your family who uses the entry everyday you need to spend a little time getting it pulled together! 


#7- Staged Accessories

One of my favorite things to decorate homes with, that really does not cost anything extra is YOUR EVERYDAY ITEMS!! If you stage your coffee table and pack it full of decor items that are not functional it cheapens your home. All you really need on a coffee table is a stack of books that your family is currently reading, a plant and maybe a simple decor items! 


#8- No Window Treatments

Now don’t get overwhelmed by this one. Start one room at a time. But adding some simple curtain panels, bamboo shades or roman shades will complete your space. Make sure you get the proper size. There are a lot of guides online to follow for where to hang your curtain rods etc. 


#9- Flat Pillow Inserts

A lot of times the inserts that come in the pillows we buy are too small and flat! I recommend doing an insert that is one or two sizes larger than the pillow case. Just changing that insert to a down insert will make your pillow look so much more expensive than it was. TIP- when buying pillows look for pillows that have a zipper so you can easily switch out the insert!


#10- No Personality 

If you are not inserting YOUR style into your home then it cheapens your home. Don’t you love to walk into a home and you instantly can SEE who lives there? You get what they are into. You can see their hobbies, their style, what makes them happy! Do not forget this most important part. Really 1-9 does not really matter if your personality isn’t in your home. I see people who do 1-9 and I think their home looks fabulous, because they adhered to #10.  A well styled home does not mean it has to cost a lot. Artwork that your child makes, or a thrifted piece adds so much warmth to your home rather then cheeping it with things that are not of value to you.










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